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Tielis Tree Service is a professional arboricultural company with over thirty years experience in professional tree care, maintenance, tree pruning and difficult tree removals. Our number 1 priority is customer satisfaction and our reputation speaks for itself after all of the years, we’re the leading Flushing tree service.

Each year many homeowners make the decision to remove one or more trees on their property. Removing the trees must be always done in a safe matter to avoid property damage or personal injury. Arborists are professionals well-trained in the area of cutting down any tree; anywhere, in a proper and safe manner. It is important to know in what order and in what direction to begin cutting a tree. You must carefully analyze the area in which each branch will land assuring complete safety in the fall.

If you are worried about a dangerous or dead tree, it’s time to take action with our tree service in Flushing. Whether you need tree removal, tree stump removals or if it’s an emergency, Tielis Tree Service is the right choice for tree, shrub and stump service. With our friendly staff, on-time arrivals, attention to detail, safety and meticulous clean-up, we guarantee you will love doing business with us.

Remember, safety first.

Emergency Tree Service

Are you looking for Flushing emergency tree service? Did one of your trees suffer damage in a recent storm and you’re concerned? For emergency tree removal service, please contact us immediately at (718) 374-5727. We are here to help you with your emergency tree care needs. We have experience with handling insurance claims, removing large fallen trees, saving storm damaged trees, tree removal, trimming and cutting.

Tree emergencies can happen in any season. Winter snow, ice and strong winds snap limbs, topple trees and cause serious damage. Heavy rains and gale force winds can cause severe damage to trees in full leaf through the growing season. Tree damage from storms happens most frequently to trees that have not been properly maintained with tree pruning, deadwood removal or tree cabling.

If your trees have suffered storm damage, you need to act fast to address the situation and protect your family, home and property. We offer twenty-four-seven emergency tree services in Flushing for these exact situations. We are always standing by to quickly restore your property back to normal.

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We pride ourselves on the ability to work safely and quickly, whether it’s a residential home or a commercial business- we can take care of any tree removal project.